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Campaign Finance Reform Voting Bloc



End the open corruption of our government by forcing candidates to stop accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists, corporations and PAC’s (Political Action Committees).


Most Americans want to limit the influence of money in our government by stopping open corruption in the form of campaign contributions from corporations, lobbyists and PAC's.  Even though candidates from both parties continue to accept enormous amounts of money from these groups we continue to elect them into office.  There is no incentive for them to either stop accepting the money or to reform the system.


In order to ensure real reform we must stop rewarding candidates with our votes when they accept money and reward only those candidates who voluntarily refuse to accept these campaign contributions with our votes.



Join this voting bloc and let your elected officials know that you will only vote for a candidate who voluntarily refuses to take campaign contributions from lobbyists, corporations and PAC’s.


By joining this voting bloc you are letting candidates know where you stand on this issue and how they can earn your vote.


We will keep you informed, via email, as to which candidates have received money from lobbyists, corporations and PAC’s.  You can also track a candidate’s campaign contributions here.



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  • A voting bloc is a group of people who vote together in support of a specific issue or common concern.
  • Joining a voting bloc greatly strengthens your vote and your ability to influence government policy on a specific issue.
  • Provides a way to actively engage and support an issue that you care about.