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Health Bloc - In Support of Single Payer Health Care



Gain national single payer health care for all citizens. Demand that your elected officials support H.R. 676 & S.703 the national single payer health care reform bills.


  • A majority of the American people and doctors want national single payer health care.
  • Healthcare expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy filings - click here.
  • All wealthy industrialized nations support universal healthcare except the USA
  • Both parties continue to leave the option of single payer health care off the table in debating the solutions to our health care crisis.
  • Insurance companies profit greatly from the current health care system and devote tremendous resources toward influencing government policy in their favor.

For additional information - click here

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Join this voting bloc to let your elected representatives know where you stand on the issue and what they need to do in order to earn your vote.


We will keep you informed with email updates as to which candidates have earned your vote on this issue through their support of S.703H.R. 676.


You can also track the legislation now in Congress using the Bill Tracker at the bottom of this page.



Bill Tracker for H.R.676 & S.703:


  • A voting bloc is a group of people who vote together in support of a specific issue or common concern.
  • Joining a voting bloc greatly strengthens your vote and your ability to influence government policy on a specific issue.
  • Provides a way to actively engage and support an issue that you care about.