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"Give It Back" Campaign




Take a stand against open corruption of government by requesting that our Senators give back any and all money they have accepted from the health insurance industry if they are going to vote on the health care reform bill.


No matter where you stand on the issue of health care reform there is one idea that we can all agree on:


Senators should not be accepting money from lobbyists and PAC's that are funded by the health care industry while they are working and voting on legislation that will regulate that industry.


It is not illegal for Senators to accept the tainted money but we can let them know that we will not vote for them in the next election if they decide to keep it.


Join this voting bloc to let your elected representatives know that you want them to "Give it Back."    If they decide to keep the money you along with everyone else who joins this campaign pledges to not vote for them in the next election.


We will keep you informed with email updates as to which candidates have given the money back or refused to accept it.  You can also track their campaign contributions here:

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  • A voting bloc is a group of people who vote together in support of a specific issue or common concern.
  • Joining a voting bloc greatly strengthens your vote and your ability to influence government policy on a specific issue.
  • Provides a way to actively engage and support an issue that you care about.