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Audit the Fed - Voting Bloc



Unite concerned citizens to demand greater government transparency and an audit of the Federal Reserve. 


A majority of Americans support greater government transparency and would like an audit of the federal reserve (click here for poll results).


Our government has spent billions of dollars during the ongoing economic crisis with little oversite and provided few details about where the money has gone.  Americans have the right to know how and where their money is being spent.


If government officials believe that they have acted in a responsible and trustworthy way they should not fear transparency.


Join this voting bloc to let your elected representatives know where you stand on the issue and what they need to do in order to earn your vote.


We will keep you informed as to which candidates have earned your vote on this issue based on their support for HR 1207 in the House and S 604 in the Senate.


  • A voting bloc is a group of people who vote together in support of a specific issue or common concern.
  • Joining a voting bloc greatly strengthens your vote and your ability to influence government policy on a specific issue.
  • Provides a way to actively engage and support an issue that you care about.